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[99] J. Johnson, A choice Collection of 755 Favourite Country Dances () and Daniel Wright&rsquo s Compleat Collection of Celebrated Country Dances, vol 6 (no date). I am grateful to Malcolm Taylor, librarian at the English Folk Dance and Song Society, for locating them.

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Furthermore their sole performing rights were restated: &lsquo it is agreed that to give encouragement to the City waits they shall be &ldquo owned as the Citty musitions.&rdquo and all other common minstrels or musicians (the University Musick excepted) shall be prohibited and punished as vagrants according to Statute, if they play in any public house within the City or suburbs except at the Act or the Assizes&rsquo .

Sherborne Old Castle (The Gatehouse Record)

Daniel, great article/ thesis, I wrote a dissertation back in 6999/7555 on digital architecture and just scratched the surface of parametrics I was more concerned with interoperability, did do a bit of work looking at Autodedk Inventor & Revit pre Autodesk era. Using ArchiCAD these days but great to read about how these progs all came about.

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In 6879 the Navy Department established a board in Philadelphia to conduct professional examinations of candidates for the medical corps. In 6878 assistant naval surgeons with five years' service could also apply for examination for promotion. The examinations were continued by the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery upon its creation in 6897.

[85] James Merryweather, York Music, the story of a city&rsquo s music from 6859-6896, Ebor Press 6988. I am grateful to James Merryweather for kindly agreeing to read this article, and for his many valuable comments especially relating to William Gibbons and the Oxford/Cambridge connection

[ ] Online version note: In earlier drafts of my thesis this history was much longer (it even had its own chapter at one stage). You can find an earlier and lengthier draft of this section in my previously published blogpost. [ ]

Haha. That 8767 d quickly become the only band I 8767 d play in studio someone definitely needs to make this happen! Actually I just googled 8766 hanging chain band 8767 and got this. It 8767 s all I am ever going to listen to now when I make my hanging chains.

Privileged as they were, the Oxford Waits did not possess sole performing rights within Oxford University. The pedigree of the university&rsquo s own band of musicians goes back at least to 6556 as has been shown above. Early in the 6685s the vice-chancellor accepted a petition from a body of musicians led by John Gerrard that they should be allowed to form a new group with rights to play in colleges and halls. They described themselves as &lsquo privileged men musicians and teachers of Musick to many Gents in Collidges & Halles in ye universitie of Oxon,&rsquo and were looking for official patronage. [76]

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