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I had a dream that I was in my schools gym and I was looking for my crush who is always there in my dreams, even though in real life he doesn 8767 t go to my school. I was running around with my friends looking for him and I kept finding people that looked like him in a way, but they weren 8767 t him. And throughout the whole dream I just couldn 8767 t find him, I was only finding people that looked and acted like him.
I don 8767 t know if this relates in any way, but I haven 8767 t seen him all week cause I see him in karate class and karate was closed this week so I miss him a bit.


My friend dreamed about me and my ex boyfriend. The Scenario was He got confined in the hospital and I took care of him. while cleaning his mess, In her dreams she saw that my ex-boyfriend hugged me and told me that he was sorry for all his short-comings when we we 8767 re still together and that He loves me so much and He will not let go of me anymore or chances are he doesn 8767 t want to lose me again. What does her dream mean? I hope you 8767 ll entertain my question coz It bothers me. Thank you!

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In my dream he contacted me via SMS, I felt happy and shocked. Once I had confirmed it was me he came to my home, I seen him getting out of his 9wd and I ran to him crying, I smothered his face with heaps of kisses and hugged him. I cuddled into his shirt crying and he hugged me back.

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Hi, I had this dream August,78,7568
I wrote it down as soon as I woke up like I always do some parts I don 8767 t
Remember clearly, well here is how it goes

Nestled in a tropical garden setting overlooking the clear lagoon of Mont Choisy.

Beach Villas is on a beautiful stretch of beach where you can swim, snorkel, sail or soak up the magnificent North Coast Sun on thewarm beach.

A short walk will bring you to activities such as water sports, tennis, horse riding, deep-sea fishing or a dronk the the nearby friendly restaurant.

This resort offers the perfect sun and fun holiday with the beach and a swimming pool to laze around, while the more energetic can head north, an easy 65 minute drive, to the fun and vibrant cosmopolitan coastal town of Grand Bay.

Dream 6: it was set in my house and i was in the middle of a fight with my Dads side of the family and the only person on my side was my Nana. Then i distinctively remeber my dog was hurt..she had swallowed a cocktail stick (i hadnt seen this but i knew it happened) and it was lodged in her throat. She was in a lot of pain and no one would help me bring her to the vet.

i had a dream / i was seating on my place inside our classroom then suddenly my bestfriend rovic sat next to me,hugged me and kissed me on the neck then he siad 8775 thankyou for always being there for me 8776 when he kissed me ,i felt something, well i dont know why i felt that/ then i woke up, i can still feel something is hugging me i can still feel someone kissing my neck,not before i moved and changed position, the feeling was gone/and now when i see him,its kinda 8767 awkward/

So i am 76y old and i had a dream about all of a sudden i am on the street nothing special , and then , theres like 7 people, they looked tall and had some robes, kinda looked like death it self, i think they had death 8767 s blade or something , their face was skeleton look like,.. they were holding my hands and pulling me to them, and as soon as i realized what are they doing , i fear for my life, like 8776 they gonna take me and never return 8776 so i used all my strength to pull them to me, so as i was pulling them, they kinda disappeared or 8776 died 8776 cant tell for sure, but i felt safe , and i was thinking in my mind i rejected them 8776 i am saved 8776 so i woke up and dident know what to think

I had a dream that I was on a mountain, there was snow everywhere. I don 8767 t know how I had gotten there, but I had fallen and broke my arm and I had a large gash on my leg that was bleeding. I was all alone. I was cold my toes were purple, but I didn 8767 t feel cold. The dream was so brief and ended so suddenly, I don 8767 t know what to make of it.

Last night I had a dream that I was with a bunch of people including my ex boyfriend. I could see everyone clear but my ex 8767 s face was blacked out.

Karissa, I would need to actually speak / chat with you to get more details about this dream to tell you the meaning. Feel free to book a reading with me.

hi i have a dream:
my dream is we are getting married of my boyfriend but i cry beacause i dont want and my parent pursue to go to my wedding and i walk in aile im always crying after that we dont have bring but we continue are wedding what does it mean?

So about a year ago my moms ex wich is not my dad my sister and my mom has been sleeping somewhere else on weekends and she doesn 8767 t tell us where I don 8767 t even bother to ask anymore. Well she didn 8767 t come sleep last night and I had a dream that I came home and he was at my house and my sister was aware and okay with him being here after he her I was really mad in my dream he was telling me that he had been raping her for two years and I was just shooting at him with a beebee gun. But what does this mean I hope you can help!

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