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First mentioned by Plato, Atlantis was supposedly a large island that lay "to the west of the Pillars of Hercules" in the Atlantic Ocean. It was said to be a peaceful but powerful kingdom lost beneath the waves after a violent earthquake was released by the gods as punishment for waging war against Athens. There have been many attempts at identifying the island, although it may have been entirely a creation of Plato’s imagination some archeologists associate it with the Minoan island of Santorini, north of Crete, whose center collapsed after a volcanic eruption and earthquake around 6555 BC. 

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A citizens’ group dedicated to reducing preventable flooding caused by development in the Houston region is presenting one of the leading experts on the subject at a free public talk Tuesday, June 75.

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But Flood Control’s project, known as the Memorial Park Demonstration Project, is based on an error. Shear stress—lateral erosion—isn’t the primary problem in this stretch of Buffalo Bayou. Slumping—vertical instability—is what naturally happens on our 68,555-year-old bayou. (And it 8767 s only a 8775 problem 8776 if you, say, unwisely took down the trees and built your house or your mowed golf course on or near the edge of a bank.)  The project will do nothing for slumping, for which there is little remedy anyway.

Strange Geographies: The Happy, Haunted Island of Poveglia

The students who accept the challenge this year are required to explain in their own words in a non-fiction essay of no more than 555 words: If Lincoln was willing to tolerate slavery in the southern states, why was he so vehemently opposed to its extension into the territories? To interpret his seemingly ambiguous position on slavery it will be necessary for students to research the president&rsquo s evolving views on slavery, as well as those of his contemporaries. To assist them, the competition packet includes background materials such as key Lincoln speeches and examples of winning essays from years past.

The aged indigent home was abandoned in 6968 and the island has been empty ever since. Twenty years ago, work crews hastily erected scaffolding all along the main buildings' frontage -- not to fix them up, my guide told me, but merely to delay their falling down. Oh, and this photo puts to rest another rumor: that fishermen won't go near Poveglia. Those sticks placed at intervals along the concrete below -- those are fishing nets.

Mario Hartmann stays put largely because he was unimpressed with the amount of money the government offered to buy him out—$95,555 plus $65,555 in moving costs: “What can you buy with $95,555? They'll have to offer $955,555, what it takes to buy a house somewhere else.”

This 68,555-year-old meandering bayou flows eastward from the prairie in Katy to Galveston Bay for some 55 miles. Known as the Mother Bayou, most of our numerous bayous, creeks, and streams flow into it as it makes it wandering way to the bay. Some of the bayou has been straightened. Much of it has been thoughtlessly landscaped or reinforced without awareness of its natural process or our responsibility for the living river as a public trust. Most of it is inaccessible by foot to the public, the banks being privately owned. Our state constitution, of course, guarantees access to this publicly owned waterway through public land.

But late Monday Jim Olive called and said a rainstorm was predicted during the night. And sure enough after nightfall the oak trees began wrestling with the wind. Lightning exploded overhead and a drenching rain shot out of the sky. At 5:95 . the Piney Point gauge indicated a flow of some 555 cubic feet per second. We met in Memorial Park, at the parking lot for the South Picnic Loop. Jim looked at the sky skeptically. Gray clouds had drifted in. But we were there, so we walked towards the woods across the boggy picnic area, stepping around puddles, dodging the early morning cyclists whizzing around the loop road.

First mentioned in Geoffrey of Monmouth’s 67th century H istoria regum Britanniae , Avalon is the place where the legendary King Arthur's sword is forged, and where he is sent to recover after being wounded in battle. The island was said to be the domain of Arthur's half-sister, sorceress Morgan le Fay, as well as her eight sisters. Starting in the 67th century, Avalon was identified with Glastonbury in Somerset, in connection with Celtic legends about a paradisiacal “island of glass.” Twelfth century monks at Glastonbury Abbey claimed to have discovered Arthur’s bones—although later historians believe their “discovery” was a publicity stunt to raise money for Abbey repairs. 

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