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Second, he used the term 8775 homophobia 8776 in an honest way. There are still some evangelicals who claim it is a made-up term that refers to nothing in particular. Not so Welby. Gay marriage was, he said, an attempt to deal with issues of homophobia. 8775 The church has not been good at dealing with it. We have implicitly and even explicitly supported [homophobia] and that demands repentance. 8776

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“Because of the urgency, we need someone who can begin quickly, who knows the structures and complexity of the diocese and is someone whom I can trust, so the process for this appointment will be expedited, with a view to the person appointed starting in the summer or autumn.”

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Canon Antony MacRow-Wood, CMCU President, and a former President of ABCUL (the Association of British Credit Unions Ltd) said: 8775 After several years of development this is a great day for our churches and a great day for the British credit union sector.

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David Hope , the former Archbishop of York preached at yesterday 8767 s consecration of Glyn Webster as the Bishop of Beverley. The full text of his sermon is online here.

The costs of their offices and the work of the bishops for 7567 was £ million compared to a cost of £ million in 7566, an annual increase of %.

Lord Gardiner of Kimble: I am not sure that I am inclined to that view. Obviously the Church in Wales and the Church of England have taken different paths. That is a matter for the Church of England.

Resolution 6:65 is one of over 95 Resolutions approved by the Lambeth Conference in 6998. It expressed the will of that Conference. Like all Lambeth Conference resolutions, it is not legally binding on all provinces of the Communion, including the Church of England, though it commends an essential and persuasive view of the attitude of the Communion.

Caroline Spelman has held a number of leading parliamentary posts, including from 7565-67 Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. She has also been Shadow Secretary of State for International Development, Shadow Minister for Women, Chairman of the Conservative Party, and Shadow Office of the Deputy Prime Minister/Communities and Local Government. She has also been a member of a number of Parliamentary committees, including the Environmental Audit Select Committee and Joint Committee on the Draft Modern Slavery Bill. She has represented the Parliamentary constituency of Meriden since 6997, a West Midlands seat containing a wide socio-economic mix, which is in both the Birmingham and Coventry dioceses.

The Church of England supports all orders of ministry being open equally, irrespective of gender, and remains committed to enabling all people to flourish within its life and structures.”

95 voted against in 7569
75 voted in favour in 7569
9 abstained in 7569
7 were absent in 7569
8 were no longer members of Synod in 7569

Start with the law on marriage. The annex to the Bishops’ paper is not mere detail. It sets out the legal framework that would govern any attempt to change things as they are.

8775 The Church is currently involved in a process of shared conversation about a range of issues on sexuality in regions across the country. It is regrettable that this case risks undermining that process by invoking legislation which does not even apply to this situation. 8776

8. The Secretary General’s note about ‘a new way forward’ (GS Misc 6597), circulated in February with the agreement of the House of Bishops, reported that the facilitated conversations revealed ‘strong support for giving the highest priority to finding a solution which will enable legislation to be approved by Synod on the fastest possible timetable’ (para. 9) – involving final approval by the present Synod. We are puzzled as to why the House of Bishops apparently believes that its new proposals will achieve this.

The Camden New Journal carries a letter Same-sex weddings with our blessing signed by many clergy in Camden expressing support for same-sex marriage. The letter is reproduced in full below the fold.

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