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Date of publication: 2017-09-02 20:50

I need your help regarding this issue which I am facing.
In my X class CBSE marksheet and certificate my name appears as AMAR SINGH , whereas on my XII class, marksheets and degree it appears as AMAR SINGH CHAUHAN.
On my Id proofs such as PAN Cards, Voter card etc it appears as AMAR SINGH.


Helo sir i have my nameABHISHEK on paper, but wrongly typed as Abhijeet and registered in birth I was not aware of this wrong name mentioned in birth certificate. after knowing this registars of birth/death certificate refused to correct the name in BCerticate. and all his documents are in name of ABHISHEK.. so we applied for gazette and got question is
to apply passport with this gazette?
we need to get corrected birth certificate by showing gazette? or will they give?
help me….

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My original name is Balakrishnan Rengarajan in all school & College certificates , 5 years before i changed my name as Krishna Srs ( full name : Krishna Subramanian Rengarajan Sakunthala) through a Gazette notification.
my question now is can i use my old name also as alias and get the gazette notification to that effect that is 8776 Krishna Srs alias Balakrishnan Rengarajan. is it legally valid to use alias.

Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi (India)

9. Anyways, it is not so easy to update your educational certificates and there is not a big need to to change it on your documents. Wherever needed, you can show the gazette notification as a proof of name change. It will not cause any problem even if you keep the old name on your educational documents provided you support it with gazette notification wherever required.

8. My name in educational records from 6st standard till now in present has SURNAME lets say 8775 NEW 8776 .( assume NEW to be my another surname).( as this mistake was done by my parents while my admission in school).

I got married. My wife is a christian. her name is Resheeba. I am a Hindu. I want to change her name as Kousika. Whether it belongs to normal process for gazette change.

8) And here 8767 s something of value I learned from gender studies those of us doing the evaluations need to understand that sometimes, identity matters when doing research. As a Jew (an atheist Jew, but still a Jew), I understand anti-Semitism better than non-Jews do. Full stop. Any non-Jew who tries 8775 goysplain 8776 to me why Hamas is not a bunch of antisemitic theocrats, but simply 8775 an anticolonial resistance movement 8776 (yes, I 8767 ve actually had people say this to me) can go fuck themselves. They may well be an anticolonial resistance movement, but they are also antisemitic theocrats, and the latter cancels out any value I might see in the former. End of discussion.

I already created the DD with only 8775 The Controller of publication 8776 instead of 8776 Controller of Publication, Department of Publication, Civil Lines, Delhi-59 8798 . The DD is payable at Delhi. Would that be Ok?.

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