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[Strategy] UPSC Civil Service Exam (Part 4 of 5): Time

Date of publication: 2017-09-02 14:18

Hi mrunal sir, first of all thanks for creating such a good platform for students.
I am confuse which medium should I choose for upsc, I did my schooling in Hindi medium, graduation in English medium, working as a bank po, please suggest what parameters should I consider while selecting a medium of preparation.

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Before you can manage that time, you better know how much of it you have, and when you have it. Don 8767 t worry about how you are going to make best use of it. We 8767 ll cover that later. For now, you need to create a high level view of your schedule. This isn 8767 t intended to be a substitute for a daily planner. This is just an overview. We 8767 ll get into the details later.

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The reason time management gadgets and systems don t work is that these systems are designed to manage clock time. Clock time is irrelevant. You don t live in or even have access to clock time. You live in real time, a world in which all time flies when you are having fun or drags when you are doing your taxes.

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In real time, all time is relative. Time flies or drags depending on what you re doing. Two hours at the Department of Motor Vehicles can feel like 67 years. And yet our 67-year-old children seem to have grown up in only two hours.

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The good news is that real time is mental. It exists between your ears. You create it. Anything you create, you can manage. It s time to remove any self-sabotage or self-limitation you have around not having enough time, or today not being the right time to start a business or manage your current business properly.

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You waste precious minutes each and every day in college. They add up to hours. When you finally start playing catch up, you are staying up too late and spending your precious remaining time focused on things that don 8767 t matter. (More on that later).

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