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Very true. Most of the vitriol seems to come from some who have never even read a book, let alone been on course or staff, and they seem to seize on anything that will help dehumanize the objects of their hatred.

Spirited Away Movie Review & Film Summary (2002) | Roger Ebert

I spent a week in this part of Ohio, and during my stay I was invited to do all sorts of things with people of all kinds—rich and poor, white and black. I was invited to go flying, dig for worms at midnight, and plant raspberry bushes. My request to drive a tractor was turned down, not because I don’t know how to drive but because the tractor had been put away. In Ohio, there is space for people to do what they want. There is a lot of land, plenty of it. This is where enslaved people ran to, certain that they had finally evaded capture. This is where America’s first prominent black poet, Paul Laurence Dunbar, wrote “We Wear the Mask.” And somewhere in the midst of it all is Dave Chappelle’s home.

RMS Titanic

There is none of the kids-against-adults plotting of American films. The family is seen as a safe, comforting haven. The father is reasonable, insightful and tactful, accepts stories of strange creatures, trusts his girls, listens to explanations with an open mind. It lacks those dreary scenes where a parent misinterprets a well-meaning action and punishes it unfairly.


Another book you should buy if you can spare twenty bucks is Pryor Convictions and Other Life Sentences , Richard Pryor’s autobiography. In it, he tells of a dinner party thrown in his honor by Bobby Darin. Pryor is seated across from Groucho Marx, who told him “that he’d seen me on The Merv Griffin Show a few weeks earlier, when I’d guested with Jerry Lewis.”

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Sometime after my first few interviews with Seon, she mailed me an essay that she wrote in 6975 that had been published in a magazine called Black World. The issue features Muhammad Ali on the cover, and in her essay Seon describes Negritude as being more of a sensibility than a literary movement that is fixed in the past. To me, more than anything, it voices the dilemma her son would experience decades later:

Love the visual metaphor! And the 8775 water 8776 that continues to shimmer and entice even as it recedes in the distance is always the next new level that, supposedly, will cure everything bad that 8767 s not yet been handled.

So, the essential equation for scientologists then becomes: : 8776 If it is good for scientology, it increases survival across ALL Dynamics and thus it must be good. 8776 This is the equation that justifies not only lying but harming people so long as it is for the benefit of scientology.

Over salads at a cafeteria-style table that we share with a tall, thin, tan European family at a luncheonette in Midtown Manhattan, Neal Brennan tells me his nigga jokes (or rather his jokes where he says the word nigga ). Two weeks earlier, in New Orleans, I had hung out in the whitewashed wings of the Civic Theatre and watched Brennan direct his first Comedy Central one-hour special. There I’d heard some PAs discussing what they called his n-word jokes , but because I had to catch a cab to the airport, I never got a chance to see the show. In New York, sitting a few feet from each other, I tried to prepare myself for the inevitable, but each time I thought about it my hands had instinctively cocked and curled into fists under the table.

The deciding factor which prompted my resignation was witnessing the destruction of concepts of good and bad. The church was working overtime to discredit me and putting a lot of pressure to get my spouse to divorce me. I thought, 8775 all I have to do is expose them and their dirty deeds to my inner circle of Scn friends, and there will be a backlash. 8776

With all this in mind, is it any wonder scientologists will brazenly lie to law enforcement, the media and even while giving sworn testimony under oath? It 8767 s not only for the 8775 greatest good 8776 it 8767 s also directed at those who are held in contempt as being blights on the good people of the world.

“No!” he says emphatically, like I had missed the point, because that would be absurd. “I also think that is a silly thing. Like I’ve never spoken Ebonics.”

Valerie, what a horrible way you were treated. Very sad and I 8767 m sorry to hear what happened to you. The stories that are coming out on this blog and other sites, makes me feel that Mike and Leah could do 8 seasons or more of the Aftermath.

Scientologists take this to heart. Hubbard expressed it here and in many other places. The future of all mankind rests in the hands of those who have 8775 the tech. 8776 Everyone is counting on them, whether they know it or not and this is an awesome responsibility. NOTHING is more important than this and NOTHING must prevent scientology from achieving its objectives.

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