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Date of publication: 2017-08-30 07:45

Isn 8767 t there a hand-and-glove issue here? I mean as it relates to the correlation between girth and pleasure? A small vagina would seem to be just as 8775 good 8776 as a thick penis. Don 8767 t men say they prefer tight vaginas? I think so. Yet I have never seen these two issues discussed in common.


This is surely too narrow a set to identify evolutionary pressure and other selective processes may well have been involved. You rightly point out the disparity between human penis size and that of other primates, notably our nearest relatives, from which it is resonable to suggest that the human penis is the result of either:

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There 8767 s also the amusing fact that countries where penises were measured are an inch or so shorter than countries where the lengths are self-reported.

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AC, that is a very insightful comment, props on that. But can we please all agree that 8775 female penetrative pleasure 8776 is about the least appealing term to ever be created? No likey.

What about the male-to-male dominance factor? In male-dominated groups, the guy with the larger display might intimidate his fellow males and thus be more likely to have access to the females.

Curious why no-one has ever done a study on dimensions of the vagina. Perhaps size matters only in relation to relative dimensions of both partners rather than the absolute dimensions of one.

I think bigger is always better.. Thats what I feel anyways there are a lot of interesting discussions going on about this subject I have to say..

Well, that is the question, now isn 8767 t it? When I say 8775 better 8776 , I 8767 m really referring to one of two possibilities: 6) that size correlates strongly to pleasure experienced by the woman or 7) that increased size enhances reproductive success for the man. The two aren 8767 t entirely unrelated, as one might expect a highly talented man to have many willing partners. But in the latter, I 8767 m more interested in a direct effect, as in length correlating to how much sperm is deposited, or the depth into the vagina somehow leading to higher chance of fertilization.

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