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An Argument Against Veganism… From a Vegan

Date of publication: 2017-09-05 20:51

Because farmers want to take milk from a cow who is producing it, they steal her newborn calf from her and instead hook her up to milking machines that roughly simulate the nursing of calves. If a farmer forgets or neglects to milk cows who have had their babies taken from them, the cows will moo their distress from the incredible discomfort.

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Tom I hear you. I have friends in the same position. I m told that blood type can sometime indicate the foods needed in terms of animal vs vegetable (or the ability to be vegan and healthy).

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The problem with not eating non-plant based foods because they use up too much water or destroy forests to feed the animals is that you would then need the same level of environmental awareness for every other purchase you make. You therefore cannot be inside any vehicle of any kind, you can buy any furniture, you can t live in a house with electricity.

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In Islam only “halal” meat is allowed (meat that is slaughtered by Islamic standards). Vegetarianism is not common in Islam because the consumption of meat is connected to the religious sacrificing of animals. However, one is allowed to abstain from meat-eating if so.

Chere Di Boscio How much of your food do you get fresh locally? I was extremely ill as a result of supposed deficiencies as well (I no longer trust conventional medicine, so I am not certain there is any truth to that). However, I found that the more fresh and natural my diet became, the better my body responded. I also avoid toxins as much as possible, especially the many chemicals found in our food, water, cleaning supplies, cosmetics, hygiene products, etc. I really believe that it is the toxic overload that inhibits our bodies abilities to maintain health and maybe even cause these deficiencies. Synthetic vitamins can also be toxic.

One recommendation I would make to vegans and vegetarians is to be compassionate too all humans too, not just all animals. We live in a messed up time and it’s very challenging to make ethical decisions. It’s not easy in this country to do the right thing. So much of mainstream society stacks the odds against us leading environmentally-friendly lifestyles. So campaign hard and lead by example, but remember that all people have feelings too and have their own challenging circumstances.

There are of course human communities who have little or no other choice but to kill and eat animals to survive, but this tends to be limited to indigenous communities living a traditional way of life.

It is true that we cannot be absolutely sure that what we perceive to be happiness, sadness, love and pain in other species is the same as it is for our own. But any person who has ever spent even a very short period of time with a dog can attest to their ability to feel emotions.

Several bacterial infections and diseases are linked to animal meat. bacteria in beef, avian flu in poultry, foot-and-mouth in sheep, mercury in fish, generally high dioxin concentrations in animal products, and artificial growth hormones, antibiotics in cows.

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