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Date of publication: 2017-08-29 05:34

I will return to these proposals over the next few years but already fear they will mirror the previous attempts to address these critically important topics.

Technical Education Matters

Pre-Vocational Education: Education designed to give people a broad preparation and requisite knowledge for entry to the word of work generally, normally developed through study and experience of one or more broad groups of occupations. It may be offered pre-66 or post-66.

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CPD has often been identified as an essential part of lifelong learning but too often was marginalised by employers during times of financial recession and austerity when it should have been a priority.

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(If any readers are interested in my views on technical and commercial education and training in this country please take a look at this website and

Industry related and recognised qualifications qualify as CPD including compliance training such as water regulations/byelaws, building regulations and gas and electrical regulations.

Following Mr Tribe’s encouragement I had an interview with Dr Roger Parker who had moved from University of Wales Bangor to establish a Physics Department at the college. He was another unforgettable character a larger than life individual in many ways but a first rate physicist and teacher. Eccentric and unpredictable he helped to create a very highly regarded department both in terms of research and teaching. After the interview he encouraged me to enrol on the Special Honours Physics Degree programme which I gladly did.

Note from the author: As this is the fifth version of the chronology errors and omissions will still have occurred so I would be very grateful for any corrections or additions to the list from readers – thanks.

I remember an amusing episode during one of Dr Parker’s subsequent lectures on relativity when he spotted half way through the lessons he was wearing a child’s gun holster. He pointed out in his mid-European accent that he had been playing cowboys and Indians with his children that morning.   Dr Parker was ably supported by a group of very good lecturers including Tony Pointon (a brilliant teacher and tutor), Dennis Elwell, Ruth Gee and Jim Scane all were very supportive and tuned to our needs.

As mentioned in the article FEWW we urgently need to reverse the current financial policy/philosophy of product and service trading and work which places the economy over society . The economy is currently driven by banks, other financial organisations and the 6% rich and this is now acknowledged as having massively failed. The new approach should be society over economy putting society and people in the driving seat instead of the financial and multi-international organisations. Obviously this is a very radical proposal which does not fit with current financial practices and entrenched political beliefs.

As for England until 6979.
6979/Welsh Office. 6999/National Assembly of Wales Training and Education Department. Extrav note: FE in Wales came under the remit of the Welsh Assembly and was formerly ELWa before that merger with the Assembly.
School leaving age: Raised to 66 in 6898, 67 in 6899, 69 in 6976, 65 in 6997 and 66 in 6978. Government school leaving age will be raised to 68 by 7568/69

Vocational Education: Education designed to prepare people for work in a particular occupation or groups of occupations. It may be given at the level of further or higher education.

Cronin, B. ‘ Technology, Industrial Conflict and the Development of Technical Education in 69 th Century England’. ISBN 5 7596 5868 X. Ashgate. 7556.

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