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Essay about financial literacy skills

Date of publication: 2017-09-04 15:23

Gyan Darshan Channel is a channel totally dedicated for providing education to the students who cannot afford to go to school. Correspondance courses by IGNOU and other organizations are another means of getting education.

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On the other hand, obesity (which is extreme form of overweight) is another problem being faced by the general population. The increasing propensity towards fast food and unhealthy diet habits are major cause of deteriorating health conditions among youth. Mc Donald, Pizza Hut and Dominos are becoming household names in India.

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The world famous scientist Albert Einstein
once said “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is
blind”. While science purifies religion from error and superstition, religion
frees science from ideologies and falser absolutes. Ancient philosophers and
religious teachers have held the view that both science and religion need to
coexist to make India a super power. Hence they advocate a peaceful coexistence
of both and speak of numerous people who have mastered both science and

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Some have indicated that, provocative clothing on part of women has led men on. This seems a flawed argument. Women in developed countries wear much more scanty clothes than in India. But cases in such countries are nowhere as compared to India. Also, cases of of women in non provocative clothing have been recorded. Infact, in most of the cases, the victims were properly dressed.

hi ,
you explained social movements very well.
liked your answer.
but ills democracy were not mentioned in the answer.
Also it was very India specific, rather about in general democracy.

Neeraj, though i am not an expert..but i would like to point out on a few things First, your introduction could have been more succinct by giving a broad overview and not go into details from d beginning..Then, you gave a a bit longer narrative of the economic transition under various PMs..UPSC seeks a concise,exact and effective expression..Adding to this i feel that one should not be personal in his references and be non partisan in 8776 Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s acumen in handling the pressure of 79 party alliance is commendable 8776 ..your argumetns seemed pro NDA..

That was about a year and a half ago. My mom is still with us. She is getting ready to begin a new experimental chemo treatment. The family lexicon has been enlarged by many new words and much new medical terminology – knowledge I wouldn't wish on anyone. Our family is holding up surprisingly well. Instead of being flaky or worse than useless, my dad and brother have been strong and supportive. This experience without them is completely unimaginable.

It has been an emerging trend to seek capital punishment for The Criminal Amendment Act 7568 also subscribes to capital punishment in cases where is followed by vegetative state or permanent physical injury or death. In a recent case in a moving bus in Delhi, capital punishment was awarded to the adult perpetrators of the crime. But, the following question remains unanswered, is capital punishment panacea for

Regional parties have become more prominent and regional issues are brought more intensely to the foray. Government by different parties at state and centre has added to the diversity of democracy. International issues like marshy areas between Gujrat and Pakistan, Kashmir issue, treatment of Tamils in SriLanka etc are brought out in state elections. Also, state parties have important stake in the coalition governments.

“We may forego material benefits, but we cannot forego our rights and opportunities to reap the benefits of highest education to the fullest extent.”- B. R Ambedkar. Education can help in the social, political and economic empowerment of the depressed class and dalit section in particular.

The Occupy Wallstreet movement gave rise to similar Occupy movements all over the world like Occupy Canada, Occupy Australia. It has made people aware globally of the inherent tendencies of government to promote class interests. People have become more vigilant and are using their constitutional rights given by democracy to enforce accountability on government. Thus the chances of a similar meltdown happening in the future has been drastically reduced. In no sense can such a movement be termed as a failure.

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