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98. (a): Species is a natural population or group of natural populations of individuals which are genetically distinct and reproductively isolated with similar essential morphological traits. Species is also a genetically closed system because its members do not interbreed with members of other species. Species is lowest or basic taxonomic category, ., mango {Mangifera indica), potato (Solanum tuberosum), lion (Panthera Leo).

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These are heterotrophic, phototrophic or chemotrophic in their mode of nutrition. The blue-green algae, nitrogen fixing bacteria and methanogenic archaebacteria are all unicellular prokaryotes so they are included in the kingdom monera.

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89. In the five kingdom system of classification, which single kingdom out of the following can include blue-green algae, nitrogen fixing bacteria and methanogenic archaebacteria?

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66. (b): The infective stage of Plasmodium is a minute organism called sporozoite. When the mosquito bites man, sporozoites present in the salivary gland of female Anopheles mosquito are injected into the blood of the man. These sporozoites are spindle-shaped or sickle- shaped uninucleate organisms capable of wrigging (worm­like) movements. Each sporozoite consists of elastic pellicle, cytoplasm and nucleus.

85. (b): According to Whittaker 8767 s system, blue green algae are placed in kingdom monera which is the kingdom of prokaryotes. This is because they lack nucleus, DNA is naked and is folded variously to form nucleoid in the centre of the protoplast. In addition they lack membrane bound organelles including endoplasmic reticulum and ribosomes are of 75s type. So they are included under prokaryotes.

Some monerans have the ability to fix nitrogen. Due to presence of these characters in arehaea and nitrogen- fixing organisms they are placed under monera.

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97. (a): A taxonomic hierarchy is the sequence of arrangement of taxonomic categories in a descending order during the classification of an organism. There are seven obligate categories kingdom, division, class, order, family, genus and species. Species is the lowest category while kingdom is the highest category.

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(i) Female Anopheles mosquito: Here the sexual phase of the malaria parasite occurs and it is considered the definitive host of material parasite, (ii) Human beings: Here the asexual phase of malaria parasite occurs. It is considered as the intermediate host. Options (b), (c) and (d) are the stages of the asexual phase of Plasmodium.

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