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Amazingly, when I reloaded the page the next day, both priced had gone UP! Each was now nearly $ million. And whereas previously the prices were $955,555 apart, they were now within $5,555 of each other. Now I was intrigued, and I started to follow the page incessantly. By the end of the day the higher priced copy had gone up again. This time to $8,586,. And now a pattern was emerging.

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The book presents brief but comprehensive enough information about the subject under a given topic, in a easy to understand language with a logical flow that is easy to remember and recall at critical moments.

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Indeed you have hit on an important point. A freind of mine used to do a lot of software reviews on his website. He had three categories for his recommendations: Poor, don t buy, Fantastic, hardky a fault, and Good Enough. Many authors were unhappy with his reviews, becuase the vast majority of his reviews ended up with a Good Enough rating. But hey, in honesty, that s about the norm in life.

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I think that 8767 s an awesome idea, maybe even a software, that detects these algorithms and posts lower prices to reduce the sellers prices, there could be a lot of money made that way or at the least make people think twice about checking their prices instead of leaving it up to an equation.

Lastly I want to point out a hard reality of age. A rule so many forget is, the longer you wait, the less years you have left. Some people put off, put off, put off until they are old and fragile and then find they can t make it work for them if they came in their forties, fifties, etc., they might have to go back in old age but they would have memories and experiences to last the rest of their life, instead of wistfully thinking I wish I had.

8775 Now listen up, youse guys. For those of you who can 8767 t make a decision, the Marines are looking for a Few Good Men, and You Ain t It! (thanks, Clint)

My FEAR is staying here in the USA, and missing the adventure of a lifetime. Sailing from . Florida to the Phils, and then exploring 7,657 islands. We just need to do a little house cleaning the economy brought onto us, and we are out of here, USA..

I look up books for a living, and there are indeed some insane pricing schemes. Good you followed up so well! Interesting reading.
I ran into a technical text on something about a dozen folks in the world could use (understand) and it was maybe 67K a copy, so I wrote and asked, but got no reply. I figured it could only be that they had it printed, and had to make back their costs with only a dozen copies but now I wonder.
There are several Amazon booksellers who consistently charge $79,555 and change for books that everyone else thinks might be worth a few hundred and which most people think asre worth less than a hundred. I wonder does anyone ever buy one for 79 thousand dollars????? This is one crazy bunch of sh*t.

The front end-papers are to me the most important. Some people reserve them for a fancy bookplate. I reserve them for fancy thinking. After I have finished reading the book and making my personal index on the back end-papers, I turn to the front and try to outline the book, not page by page or point by point (I've already done that at the back), but as an integrated structure, with a basic unity and an order of parts. This outline is, to me, the measure of my understanding of the work.

The old harpsichord makers used to scribe two lines along the fronts of the keys, to help them get the keys aligned right. They had a tradition of missing one line off one of the keys, deliberately, as a reminder to leave perfection to God!. I like that idea. Makes things easier.

I am US born and raised. I love the US. It s full of opportunity. I encourage anyone who wants to go there and who can do so legally, to go, enjoy, stay if you wnat or make money and go back home mor epoer to you.

Thanks for the kind words, Christine. I know have number of crossover readers, but I don t know who many of them are. I haven t thought of deleting it for at least a day or two now 😉

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