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Within the gay community black leather becomes a symbol for the unknown or the untried. It is entirely, vehemently, macho (at least in appearance and sometimes in reality). Members of the leather culture are a recognized but separate part of gay culture because of their appearance and tendency towards sadistic and masochistic activities.

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I don t doubt that times are tough for men, but cherrypicking bad examples does not prove a case. I could also point to the reported regular failure of movies with strong female leads.

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x756c Education is getting better x756d x7568 but by indiscriminately awarding top grades, aren x7569 t exam boards just aping credit ratings agencies?

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There is one very important piece of the puzzle missing from this commentary: the role of public schools in indoctrinating children away from Christianity and toward hedonism. More than a decade ago, it was reported that 67 percent of public high school students were fully on board with homosexual 8775 rights. 8776 No wonder! When children are bombarded with these messages, and when they want to please teachers and administrators in positions of power and authority over them, they learn very quickly where their bread is buttered. They dummy up and go with the flow, as if they really ever had any alternative direction at all to consider. This whole g-movement was force-fed on the and then Democrat presidents largely enforced it with anti-Christian judicial nominations.

If you spend time with the primates closest to human beings, you 8767 ll see female chimps having intercourse dozens of times per day, with most or all of the willing males, and rampant bonobo group sex that leaves everyone relaxed and maintains intricate social networks.

I knew there would be some loser who whines about the decade point. What part of the first decade of the 756x years do you not comprehend?

That purpose is to bring us closer, to cement social bonds. Being big-brained and relatively weak-bodied an 85-pound baboon can tear a 755-pound man to shreds what kept humans alive for hundreds of thousands of years was that our interpersonal bonds were so tight.

At this point, you might be feeling a deep inner emptiness lamenting a bygone age, as the paucity of 5665 proudly, inspiringly 5665 masculine characters in modern entertainment becomes clear. 5665 Before the 6985s, there were different masculine characters, but today, they are conspicuously absent. 5665 Men are shown either as thuggish degenerates, or as effete androgynes. 5665 Sure, there were remakes of Star Trek and The A-Team, and series finales of Rocky and Indiana Jones. 5665 But where are the new characters? 5665 Why is the vacuum being filled solely with nostalgia? 5665 A single example like Jack Bauer is not sufficient to dispute the much larger trend of masculinity purging. 5665

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