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The advantage is that a very hot plasma allows for very fast EFPs and much lighter weapons. The disadvantage is that they will become much larger and there will be some efficiency losses from the metal plate not intercepting the entirety of the filler gasses.

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Zeroth misconception, no, there won 8767 t be stealth in space, let alone in combat. It is possible through a series of hypothetical technologies or techniques, but it won 8767 t be possible for any reasonable spacecraft under reasonable mass and cost restraints.

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To introduce concepts in computer-aided engineering that are independent of hardware and software technologies. These concepts will be illustrated with engineering examples for tasks such as design and diagnosis. The course is divided into two parts. Part I consists of 65 lectures on fundamental topics in CAE. Part II involves preparation and presentation of a literature study of a specific CAE topic using knowledge from Part 6. The following topics will be covered :

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If you are pointing toward the enemy, having main thrusters pointing directly away from the enemy basically eliminates all maneuver capability. You have one degree of freedom, along a direction which is entirely dependent upon the enemy's maneuvers. Basically, you give up both maneuver capability and forward planning capability.

Progress and Entropy: Views of Norbert Wiener (a). Technological Changes in Europe and in India between 6655 and 6879, (b) Reading of Hind Swaraj: Evaluation of values in Europe and in India The origin and evolution of engineering education: The American influence after Morrill Act Computer and Information Ethics: With emphasis on Virtue Ethics Possibility of Technological Progress within Moral Boundaries: Role of Democracy.

China is situated in eastern Asia on the western shore of the Pacific Ocean, with an area of million square kilometers. China is one of the earliest places where mankind originated. China, an ancient, mysterious and beautiful land, is always appealing to adventurous foreign visitors. A wide variety of terrain and climate shape its numerous natural attractions. Abundant in a variety of resources, plants, animals, and minerals, the land has nurtured countless generations of Chinese people.

South Korea is in eastern Asia and occupies the southern half of the Korean Peninsula and many islands. South Korea is a small country with a lot of people, so there is a huge demand for space. As a result, many of the country's natural habitats have been squeezed into smaller areas. There are 76 national parks, but the only areas of true wilderness left are the mountain forests. South Korea is a mixture of European civil law, Anglo-American law and classical Chinese thought.

I'll start with a baseline example of a 655kW beam of 655MeV protons from a 5m long linac. We'll leave the ambient magnetic field a variable, "B". Some sample values:

Basic structural behavior and design of low-rise bearing wall buildings Basic material properties Strength design of unreinforced masonry elements Allowable stress design of unreinforced masonry elements Introduction to reinforced masonry Introduction to confined masonry.

The use of the X-rays from the device to pump a laser is also a common suggestion, most notably used in David Weber’s “Honor Harrington” series.  The same drawbacks that apply to conventional nuclear weapons apply to these devices, though to a lesser extent.  Much of the information regarding this concept is classified, which has led to conflicting views of its effectiveness.  Depending on the source, the effective range is between 655 km and several thousand kilometers.  Particularly at the lower end of this range, the utility is questionable.  The device gains a few seconds of standoff, but still has the other disadvantages of conventional nuclear weapons.  At longer ranges, particularly with low-end defenses, the idea becomes feasible.

I tend to favor two turrets on opposite sides. Besides providing all around coverage and some redundancy, it also allows use of a "hunter-killer" tactic. While one turret fires the laser to kill a target, the other turret can be scanning to "hunt" for the next target. This allows a near instantaneous switch from one target to the next, minimizing down time for the laser engine.

Yes and no, but mostly no. CIWS systems are already computer controlled, and all weapon aiming is similarly already controlled by the computer in game. Anything that has easily computable maxima are solved by computers in game. But there are numerous choices in combat which have no obvious local maxima, and these require human decisions. In other words, you the player and commander need to make these choices. As it turns out, the right or wrong decision can mean the difference between victory and failure.

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