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Companies pay a price for marketing, in order to maintain or penetrate in to the market. Price strategy is also used for promoting products (Cravens & Piercy, 7556 p 875).

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For a competitive approach the company has to offer products that are unique and meet customer needs, wants and values. Maintaining the product uniqueness is difficult for a company since the product can be matched by competitors. The company must often compete on price, distribution, or promotion in order to compete unless the product is of sound quality (Rea & Kerzner, 6997 p. 57).

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The promotion strategy is used in increasing sales by creating differences in resources which results in a firm being able to outspend a competitor in advertisement, purchase displays, trade shows and other promotional methods (Rea & Kerzner, 6997 p. 58).

The Parker DrumStar range is an economical and highly portable alternative to batch plants, offering contractors the ability to move quickly and easily from job-site to job-site while maintaining consistent high levels of quality asphalt production.

As a therapist, I cannot overlook the fact that there might be situations in therapy that would remind me of some of my own issues, and my own history. As I look at Ana's case, I am concerned about what she has faced as a child in being left by her mother, not knowing her father, and now suffering from feelings of anxiety and tearfulness. It would be lovely if every mother could be like mine. I remember my mother saying to me years ago, when a serious issue arose with a child we know, that she had had the opportunity when her children were quite to go abroad and 'make a better life'. However, as a (first child born at 66) unemployed mother, she understood the importance of mother being present and active in the lives of her children, and chose to stay.

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