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Thesis vs Genesis – Detailed Comparison

Date of publication: 2017-09-02 17:34

Great comparison between the two, and also great additional info in the comments I think for me personally it got a bit too technical, but I think to my overall understanding that if you 8767 re serious about your site building foundation, and if you do not want to use already made child themes, then your best bet will be the Thesis framework, right?

The Thesis Statement — Tips for Running a Successful

This idea that every WP fan and developer can work with Genesis but not Thesis is just plain uneducated (a reflection on the community at large, not you personally).

Thesis Statements and Introductions - Bucks

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C# - Change Background color of cell in WPF DataGrid

I have been with Thesis for about a year now. I have been thoroughly pleased, though I have not had the opportunity to take Genesis for a spin. The idea behind Thesis is amazing as I have experienced it so far.

Thesis speaks for itself on this one. They have quite possibly the most active support forum of any single WordPress theme , and they employ several staff members focused primarily on support.

But instead of disputing the potential of combining the two, I 8767 d rather dispute the supposed demand for the combination. I don 8767 t think there is very much. We have an option for people who want to point and click their way to a unique design, and it 8767 s separate from the main framework. We believe this is the undeniably the most practical solution, for a myriad of reasons. But Prose is not our best selling theme.

You can do that EXACTLY as I outlined in the article above, with no changes at all. However, that means that you will need to adjust your stylesheet and at least one more theme file (assuming that your theme has done things right, that would be ).

Thing is, though, the price of Genesis and Prose together isn 8767 t that much more than Thesis, Headway or Catalyst (amongst others). So, essentially, you 8767 re getting to do all these frameworks do (as far as changing design colours, styles, etc) for about the same price, and using it to build a 8775 unique 8776 look.

it seems you need to write the html too, only the css doesn 8767 t work i mean this is a trick, and not css code if i got it right?
the issue is, i know up to now only how to add css in my blog, but not how to meddle into the html layers yet. so, no html, no trick?
point is, at some special few places like free-text widgets you can add an image& href by html, some others you can 8767 t. there, i just put my image as bdg no-repeat via css, but so i lose the possibility to link with href..

Third, you absolutely must have good documentation. From a development perspective its incredibly frustrating to not be able to find a list of filters listed anywhere on the StudioPress website or anywhere in the support forum. Maybe I 8767 m missing it, but that 8767 s just inexcusable. The specific how-to 8767 s are great, but give me the basics first please! I do need to cut them a break here and say that being only 6 months old is a pretty big detriment in this regard.

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