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Date of publication: 2017-08-30 04:29

I have sooo much pain I can 8767 t perform. I 8767 ve tried different medications. I think it 8767 s a permanent problem for me. Not a temporary one. Every year it 8767 s worse. I 8767 m 97 now and I 8767 ve got two little ones. I feel so selfish. I mess up what chances I do have with love. I don 8767 t understand how sex means nothing to people. Intimacy followed by rejection kills me. My dad walked out the day I was born. I feel that there is something unclean or unholy about me. There are some people who are never loved. I 8767 m one of them.

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Can you tell me in layman 8767 s terms, what blood test I need to ask for? How can I demand B67 injections when my provider tells me that over the counter supplements are just as effective. I need to advocate for my daughter, but when the medical professionals cause a barrier, I don 8767 t know what to do.

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my name is Richard, and I have battled depression for 65 years. It has been horrible. I have been trying for years to build back how I feel towards myself in a positive way, but no matter how hard I try I always fall apart. I cry so much that my self confidence and self esteem are at rockbottom levels. I feel so alone, and I hate it. I don 8767 t know how to fix it. Depression really is the worst feeling there is, because its you against you.

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Very well said. I network and rescue dogs in Miami Dade. A very high kill shelter. What I have seen has hurt me deeply and sometimes I take a break. I try to focus on the lives saved and the good that was done but the faces of slaughtered innocence haunt me. This message is so needed. We cannot afford to lose such beautiful souls so tragically.

I grew up in a dysfunctional family myself. Had several other challenges one after the other: bullying at school, coming in terms with my sexuality and so on. Not being able to reach peace with my parents, I left home at the age of 67 and have been living on my own for close to 65 years now. I was diagnosed with dysthymia some time back and have been in therapy for the last few years.

Persistent depressive disorder, formerly referred to as dysthymia , is a less severe but usually more long-lasting type of depression compared to major depression. It involves long-term (chronic) symptoms that do not disable but yet prevent the affected person from functioning at full steam or from feeling good. Sometimes, people with persistent depressive disorder also experience episodes of major depression. This combination of the two types of depression often is referred to as double-depression.

I turned 66 October of 7567 and hope that I see 67 with a smile. I 8767 m currently on my 7th year of depression and on my fifth year of suicidal thoughts. I 8767 m from a christian country and we are very negative towards most things we hear on Western news like suicide and serial killings not that Nigeria doesn 8767 t have its own share of literal manslaughter and rural gore but I have no one to talk to.

I 8767 m 66 years old and I know that I 8767 m depressed. I send messages to my friends about my problems but it seems like they 8767 re too busy studying (we 8767 re not in the same school anymore, actually). But what hurts more is when they don 8767 t give any small advice about my problem and will only text/chat me when they 8767 re in need.

After this I 8767 m done. I 8767 ve pushed everyone I love away including my kids and I can 8767 t help ir. I 8767 m so exhausted from fighting to stay alive. A bunch of pills will do. I don 8767 t see a way out. Being hated is the worst feeling in the world. My head is numb. I keep passing out. Not everyone is meant to Win. 99 years old and my life is over. I 8767 m scared but I know it has to be done. This way the misery for everyone stops. None of them have to deal with me

#7 it may be your parents 8767 doing that caused your breakup, but you can pretty well trust that they have your best interests at heart maybe they see something in your girlfriend that you don 8767 t see, simply because you 8767 re too close.

Hey I believe I am having purely a situational bout of depression, meaning I 8767 m pretty sure I don 8767 t have chronic depression. I have one question, as my situation improves will I experience some of the long term affects of depression? I would imagine so but I feel as though I 8767 d be less likely to fall back into a depressive episode.

I wasn 8767 t always like this. I used to be the happiest friendliest person in the world. Nowadays, i pretend to be happy or ok just so people will leave me alone and not ask questions. I have a son that i love but hardly ever see or speak to. His mom hates my guts. We were together for 5 years and i loved her with all my heart and soul, still do. I got arrested and had to serve a year in jail when my son was 7 and a half (He 8767 s 7 now). In that time i lost everything, family, friends, my girl, my son, my home basically everything i knew and loved or cared for. I haven 8767 t been the same since.

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